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Help on Remo phonetics

Phonetic Symbol English Example Phonetic Description Remo example
p 'pig' voiceless bilabial plosive listenloadingplaying pa
b 'bell' voiced bilabial plosive listenloadingplaying baʔ
t 'tap' voiceless alveolar plosive listenloadingplaying tamo
ʈ n/a voiceless retroflex plosive listenloadingplaying ʈarne titi
d 'dot' voiced alveolar plosive listenloadingplaying daj
ɖ n/a voiced retroflex plosive listenloadingplaying ɖa
c n/a voiceless palatal plosive n/a
k 'car' voiceless velar plosive listenloadingplaying kal
g 'game' voiced velar plosive listenloadingplaying gire
m 'man' bilabial nasal listenloadingplaying maj
n 'net' alveolar nasal listenloadingplaying notə
ɲ 'canyon' palatal nasal listenloadingplaying ɲuruga
ŋ 'song' velar nasal listenloadingplaying raŋlaʔ
f 'fit' voiceless labiodental fricative listenloadingplaying fudaʔ
v 'vase' voiced labiodental fricative listenloadingplaying sivaŋ
s 'sit' voiceless alveolar fricative listenloadingplaying soka
ʧ 'chip' voiceless palato-alveolar affricate listenloadingplaying ʧini
ʤ 'jet' voiced palato-alveolar affricate listenloadingplaying ʤam
r n/a alveolar trill listenloadingplaying remo
ɽ n/a retroflex trill listenloadingplaying ɽaŋ
w 'win' voiced labiovelar approximant listenloadingplaying wap
l 'lake' alveolar lateral approximant listenloadingplaying lo
j 'yes' palatal approximant listenloadingplaying jeʈla
h 'hello' voiceless glottal fricative listenloadingplaying hoʤaʔ
ʔ 'uh oh' glottal stop listenloadingplaying aʔe
Vowels all vowels may be nasalized with ˜
a (ɑ) 'bar' low-central unrounded vowel listenloadingplaying aka
e 'crepe' close-mid front unrounded vowel listenloadingplaying emor twi
ə 'fun' mid-central vowel listenloadingplaying tərta
i 'need' close-front unrounded vowel listenloadingplaying isao
ǐ similar to 'aj' close front unrounded vowel with semi-vowel/glide/consonantal quality, used in Bhattacharya. n/a
ɨ 'roses' close central unrounded vowel listenloadingplaying ɨskul
ɪ 'rip' near-close near-front unrounded vowel n/a
o 'pot' close-mid back rounded vowel, used in Anderson recordings of Hill Remo. listenloadingplaying oluksiŋ
ɔ 'bought' open-mid back rounded vowel, used in Bhattacharya for Plains Remo. n/a
u 'who' close back rounded vowel listenloadingplaying uli
ǔ similar to 'w' close back rounded vowel with semi-vowel/glide/consonantal quality, used in Bhattacharya. n/a
ː (ˇ) n/a long vowel marker. ˇ used in Bhattacharya on long 'a' and 'o'. listenloadingplaying boːb

Help with fonts

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